Jeff Staples for the 77th Va. House of Delegates

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Jeff Staples for the 77th Virginia House of Delegates 

Hello, and thank you for visiting my campaign site! 
       I live in the Deep Creek section of Chesapeake.  I  recently retired from being an auto mechanic and for the past year  I have worked for a non-profit group that advocates for clean air, clean water, environmental and social justice.

       I was born in Virginia and graduated from Lynchburg College. I have been a Virginia Beach-Chesapeake resident since 1984.  I love my home state and hate what I see as an entrenched political machine that caters to Utilities, Corporate Interst and Developers. The people, that the Politicians were sworn to serve, receive less and less for the taxes they pay.

        I am results driven and seek to be a voice for working people and help provide a clean environment in which to live, work and play. I also am fighting to drive the corporate money out of Virginia Politics. When corporations give candidates dollars, it is not a gift, it is an investment in their profits future. I am more concerned with your and your children's future. Tired of not having electoral choices and seeing the Corporations receive more attention than the people, I have decided to run for office. 

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